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Why Colab Talent

Colab Talent is in business to release people into abundance. Release means empowering our talent to work and grow, and freeing up our customers to focus on their core business. People in our landscape consist of our customers, talent, partners, suppliers, community and shareholders. We relate abundance to the inherent need we all have, to:

Work and add meaningful value to achieve impact

Be part of a growing community

Enjoy what we do

Be compensated fairly

Birthed from three concepts:

Collaborate – To partner with complementary parties, our talent and our customers.

Co-Labour – to work together as a team.

Co-Laboratory – to co-create and innovate for impact.




Colab Talent identifies with these concepts and in particular with “Collaborate”, as we partner with our clients and talent and work together towards the best talent solutions, and with “Co-Labour”, as we express our purpose in finding meaningful work for people.

Our Values

Satisfied Customers

Heard, understood and served with excellence.


Authentic care for all relationships.


Take accountability for the result, not just the activity.


Open motives [vulnerability] builds trusted relationships.

Leadership and people

The leadership team and our people at Colab.

Barend Cronje

Chief Executive Officer
Barend has a proven ability to distil complex business challenges into “Best Practical” frameworks and then create movement in the team to execute on a roadmap.
He is a highly skilled neutral facilitator and helps business leaders talk through their thinking in a way that connects dots across various systems.
In addition to being a SA PMO of the year Judge & coach, Barend is also a qualified Chartered Accountant, Project Management Professional (PMI PMP®) and has completed the Scaling Up Master Class.

Ingrid Pistorius

Operations & Commercials Manager
Ingrid’s primary role is to oversee day-to-day operations within the Colab group — working across departments to make sure that goals are met, team members can collaborate, and everything is running smoothly.
Ingrid’s management style is collaborative, and she fosters a positive, open working environment for all clients and employees.

Dawn Hamer

Colab Talent Head of Recruitment and People Care
Dawn leads the recruiting team, guides all recruiting functions, and ensures that our clients’ recruitment burden is lightened, and their needs are matched with candidates of character, competence and chemistry. In addition, Dawn is head of people care, a function she fulfils with the utmost passion and authenticity.

Our story in short

Colab Talent was birthed in Dec 2017 as part of the Colab Group founded in 2008.
We have served the following customer profiles:
  1. Large multi-national
  2. Mid-market
  3. SMME
  4. Non-profits
  5. Government
Industries we've served include:
  1. Mining & Resources
  2. Financial Services
  3. FMCG
  4. Healthcare
  5. Telecoms
  6. Logistics
We have placed more than 145 contract and permanent resources
Our approach uses our proprietary matching model to match for
  1. Competence
  2. Character
  3. Chemistry
Transformation is key for Colab as a 51% black owned, and 41% black female owned business

Ready To Build Your Team?

We are expert business professionals that can handle your talent demand (permanent or contract) while you attend to other business needs at hand.

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Ready To Build Your Team?

We are expert business professionals, who understand that business leaders focus on driving strategic results and need high-performing resources without the recruitment burden.