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Future HR: Human Energy Drives Business Success

human energy drives business success

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Future HR: Human Energy Drives Business Success

Human Energy is the most important factor that drives business success in the future of work. Successfully moving into the future of work and business, will be dependent on our ability to manage the people we choose to join us on the journey.

“Success lies in our ability to recruit people against the future requirements of the business, today. Their energy will pull the business into the future.”  These are the words of the writers of Future Business – The Game has Changed, Guy Krige, Lizette Bester, Pieter de Villiers and Chris Laubscher.

Traditional HR does not drive business success

As mentioned in a previous article, the traditional HR concepts of recruitment, selection, performance management, administration of leave, payroll, training, etc., do not build the energy of people. Neither do they focus them on positively contributing to the success and purpose of the company.

Therefore it is crucial to move from traditional Human Resource Management to Human Energy Management, as Human Energy drives business success.

4 Steps to ensure that Human Energy Drives Business Success

In collaboration with the leadership team, the Human Energy team should invest their time, energy, and resources into the following steps. Besides, this will ensure that Human Energy drives business success:

1.Understand the future success requirements of the business.

Consider these factors:

  • Firstly, brand image – because people are brand carriers.
  • Secondly, the marketing message – because people give meaning, substance, and life to that message.
  • Thirdly, the customer profile – because our people provide the customer with the same experience that they have of the business as employees. (Remember Simon Sinek’s quote “Happy employees ensure happy customers, and happy customers ensure happy shareholders – in that order.”)
  • Furthermore, business strategy – where and how – because people ultimately create and operationalize these strategies.
  • Also, the future of the business – because people drive innovation and come up with amazing ideas to make this future real.
  • And the workplace of the future – because people must work in this environment, and they deliberately (consciously or unconsciously) create it.

2.Translate these requirements into a detailed people profile.

This profile will include the skills, attitudes, and mindsets required to ensure business success. Call it a ‘talent map’.

3.Source the talent that will drive business success

Business leaders should follow different options to source the correct talent. Importantly, source the right people to facilitate the design of a business, as well as create a business culture that can retain and maximize their value.

Therefore, recruit against your business purpose, values, and business culture. This means, look for people that share the collective mind, value system, feel, and vibe in the business.

Especially, consider exploring the temp-to-perm option to source the correct talent. In this case you appoint a person on a fixed term contract, and if the person proves to be the correct fit, you appoint them permanently. CoLAB Talent Placements is a niche execution capacity provider. Connect with us if you’re keen to explore this option. Visit the CoLAB Talent Placements website HERE.

4.Focus on people energy levels

Business leaders should focus on leading, coaching, and facilitating their teams to perform and deliver against the identified future success requirements. Managers must find ways to unlock their team members’ energy. This is possible by spending time and effort on engaging with employees. Read this article for tips about employee engagement. 

Undoubtedly, following the above 4 steps, you will ensure business success through Human Energy, because, if managed effectively, Human Energy drives business success.

Ensure that Human Energy drives business success – in YOUR business

Do you need help implementing the 4 steps to ensure that Human Energy drives business success in YOUR business?

Then look no further!

Barend Cronjé, CoLAB CEO and Master Scaling Up practitioner, is passionate about helping businesses to grow and scale to ensure their future success, in a #bestpractical way.

Don’t postpone – book a free 20-min call with Barend, to explore solutions to your needs, and to kickstart your journey towards the successful future of your business.

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This article is part of a series on Future HR, and how to move and grow from the traditional concept of HR to successful people management in the future of work. Keep a lookout for more articles coming your way.

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