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10 Must-Have Skills for Project Managers

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2016-05-04_10-Must-Have-Skills-for-Project-ManagersMaybe you are a new project manager just starting out in the field, or a seasoned professional with many years’ experience under your belt. No matter where you are in the project management field, there are a number of must-have skills that every project manager needs.

Helen Sabell from looks at the top 10 skills and why these are essential for your project management career.

“As project managers, you have to maintain a view of the ‘big picture’ and guide the project to success, whilst handling the day-to-day tasks, and dealing with any crises that may arise. So, what are the most important qualities of an effective project manager?”

The list includes, amongst others, skills such as conflict management, resource and time management and leaderships skills.

You can read the full article here: 10 Must Have Skills for Project Managers

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